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Before analyzing a marketing business case, we should start by getting familiar with the case and understand what is expected from the analysis. Next, we should study the company’s profile such as mission and goals, in order to define its strengths and weakness as well as its opportunities and threats. This SWOT analysis is necessary to point out important facts that will be used in the case analysis. Ask yourself, “What are the most important facts?” (Bizfluent, 2018). Next step is to evaluate the results from the SWOT analysis, which is very crucial in determining the company’s present corporate strategies in regards to its internal strengths/weaknesses and its external opportunities/threats, and what adequate solutions and future strategies it should implement. Last steps is to make recommendations, which should be founded on the analysis findings and in line with the analysis evaluations.

The FIFA World Cup is an extraordinary opportunity for advertisers. For instance, nearly half of the world population has watched the last World Cup in Russia (Fleming, 2018). Thus, advertising during the World Cup is very attractive for the official sponsors and non-official sponsors alike.

For, the World Cup as a major sport event, it presents advertisers with great opportunities to market companies’ brands on a large scale: “Marketing and advertising are huge components of any international sporting event, be it the World Cup or the Olympics. With so many eyes from so many places focused on the same place, companies clamor to get their message on screen in any way possible. This means advertising and broadcasting for the World Cup is a multi-billion-dollar opportunity.” (Zoldan, N.d). Therefore, advertisers must evaluate their marketing strategies to maximize their brand exposure during this mega event. As an example, we could apply the following major steps to analyze the marketing case of Nike:

  • Learn the historical timeline of Nike past World Cups advertising (Profile): Nike Inc. sportswear is one of the biggest brand that advertises its products in major sport events. Although, Nike was not an official sponsor of the World Cup 2018, it claimed best marketing campaigns during the event. According to Nike, 100 goals were scored by sponsored players during the tournament (MI Editor, 2018)
  • Identify internal strengths/weaknesses and external opportunities/threats (SWOT analysis). Nike is considered as a very strong and successful brand around the world because of its innovative strategies, global recognition, and quality products. In regards to its weakness, Nike faces constant competition from the like of Adidas (official World Cup 2018 sponsor), Under Armor…, which limit its market share and financial growth. However, Nike Inc. is seizing the opportunity product expansion, and by penetrating emerging economies, thus reaching a great number of customer globally. Lastly, Nike like most sportswear companies is threatened by fierce competition to gain market dominance, and must constantly innovate to stay relevant and ahead.
  • Evaluate the findings to determine the necessary course of action. Nike SWOT analysis help us determine the course of action that it should apply in order to balance its internal results against its external ones to be able to be more competitive and successful, and the World Cup is great opportunity to reach a large audience, and promote its products globally.
  • Make recommendations to implement the appropriate solution and strategies. As a recommendation, Nike should utilize its name recognition in competitive sport events, and especially in the game of football to promote its brand during the World Cup. Thus, Nike marketing strategy should emphasize the innovation side of its products; promote its brand during the event to as many customers as possible, especially online, and most of all sponsor top football athletes such Renaldo and Neymar.

Nike’s marketing case presents some challenges in the form of competition from well-established World-Cup official sponsors such as Adidas. Adidas has dominated past World Cups with its brand as the official sponsor, thus making it the dominant brand (Logo) of the event. However, Nike’s marketing strategy during the World Cup 2018 was a success; it helped it reach billions of people around the world through social media such Instagram and YouTube (Rains, 2018).

Moreover, Nike Inc. should take advantage of the current cutting-edge marketing techniques to optimize its products innovation, and its brand exposure to larger audiences around the world. For instance, using near field technology (NFC) to interact with customers via digital billboards, offering augmented reality purchasing experience with the help of visual 3D versions of its products, and the new technology already used by Nike’s big competitor Adidas with their virtual footwear. This cutting-edge concept called the virtual AdiVerse, offers the customer an interactive shoe retail experience that combines in-store shopping with the digital realm in the form of virtual shoe display wall, touchscreen technology and 3D rendering, which allows for a personalized experience (Cameron, n.d). These type of new technologies combined with new media marketing will engage the customer, thus increasing awareness and greater sales.


In analyzing any marketing case study, there are organized steps that need to be taken. Internal strengths and weaknesses need to be studied and listed. The external environment should also be looked at to view any possible threats or opportunities that could arise in the marketing strategy. The next step is to analyze the strategy used by the company and its relationships within and externally. Once this is done, the company’s strategy can be looked and advantages, innovations and opportunities can be identified and recommended. Analyzing the control structure and any organizational change can show where the company is trending to in the near future. Finally, recommendations can be given to make the company’s marketing strategy more complete and more efficient going forward. We are going to look at the World Cup tournament in the following paragraphs.

In analyzing a marketing case as the World Cup football tournament that takes place every four years, there are several factors to look at and dissect. The history of the organization is taken into account, threats and challenges to the organization are recognized and we have to look into different innovations and techniques that company can utilize to maximize its marketing potential.

The World Cup has always been a mammoth of a sports tournament. There is nothing that compares to it. None of the American championships can match its sheer size or popularity (Molinaro). It has always been a marketing and advertising juggernaut during its one month run every four years. This has made it a must for major companies and brands to associate their products with this event. In last summer’s tournament, a record 15 companies paid as much as 25 million dollars to be sponsors of the event. (Weaver). Most of these companies shoot their ads to run with very little dialogue, as they are shown in several different countries around the world with many different languages. The more they focus their advertisement on imagery of soccer and photos of their brand, the better it plays out internationally.

Another strategy used this year in the U.S. was focusing the ad spots on the Hispanic demographic and other countries with an American tie. This was done in reaction to the threat of losing viewers in America, as the U.S. team did not make the World Cup. (Morse) American companies had to look elsewhere to make sure that they still had an eye of as many viewers as possible without the main draw for most of the country. It proved to be a successful move and viewership remained up with great matches in the tournament.

A few different techniques that were utilized in this year’s tournament were the heavy utilization of social media and putting out massive content through the big players in this space. There were several twitter feed run by the tournament and over 1.5 million Instagram posts using the hashtag #worldcup2018 (Ducey). Sponsors geared their social media presence alongside the World Cup to pair their brands to receive the highest marketing advantages possible. One thing in the future that could be a pairing of apps and live viewing that ran together and provided live statistics and additional content, all while showing sponsors in a portion of the screen. This year, there were several apps focusing on the tournament (Weissman). This would help raise the views for each sponsor and create more advertising dollars for all involved. There are limitless possibilities when the new front of social media and mobile technology are paired with cutting edge marketing strategies. This will help in the next tournament to make the marketing even more of a success for the companies that participated in sponsorship and hopefully paying off on their advertising investment.

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