Report on Bellamy’s Australia

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Write a 6000 word (Max) report, including 200
words of Executive Summary, but excluding references and appendix. You will use the findings from your
first assignment of all your group members to propose one strategic initiative for the organization
encompassing a three-year time horizon. Your focus should also be on integrating the findings and feedback
from your first assignment and then building upon these to create an actionable strategy implementation plan.
The plan has to be achievable and realistic. You have to clearly demonstrate what the strategic initiative is,
why your plan can help the organization achieve and maintain a sustainable competitive advantage, and how
this plan can be implemented. In this report, you are required to perform the following tasks:

1. Identify and discuss the current generic type of business strategy the organisation implements by
examining its strategy statement and/or its value chain activities.

2. Propose ONE new strategic initiative for the organisation to implement. The organisation (Bellamy) is
currently considering its market development in China. Thus, propose your strategic initiative around
Chinese market development. Describe the contents of your strategic initiative in details.

3. Evaluate the suitability of your strategic initiative through conducting a brief environmental analysis
of Chinese market AND referring to the findings of your assignment 1, particularly the strategic
capabilities of Bellamy, and its current overall business strategy as identified in this assignment.

4. Develop a strategy implementation plan that primarily focuses on the following areas:
a. What needs to be changed to implement the strategy? and Why?
b. How will the changes proposed be managed and implemented?

5. Explain how the organization will measure the strategic initiative you proposed. Focus specifically
a. A set of key success measures for the strategic initiative, using Balance Scorecard.
b. Draw a strategy map that indicates the key success measures and their hierarchical
References should be utilised within this Report to validate the information presented, and should be drawn
from academic sources and organisational information such as the website and annual reports. The business
press may be used sparingly to identify relevant issues.

Advisory notes for this assignment

• You should conduct an extensive information search on the organisation selected.

• Company websites, annual reports, and media reports are important sources of such information, but their
objectives, and thus credibility, should be carefully analysed and evaluated.

• You should use appropriate concepts and analytical tools in your report.

• The report should be written in prose; however limited use of dot points is acceptable.

Guide for assignment presentation

Written assignments must be presented in a professional format. Quality of presentation, especially literacy,
will be considered in the marking criteria. All sources of information must be fully referenced using
standard Harvard or APA referencing systems. You are encouraged to use referencing software such as
Endnote for referencing and formatting. The assignment should be in report format and use Times New Roman
font size 12, 1.5 line spacing.

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