Please demonstrate critical thinking abilities, Peer review 1 help

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Please demonstrate critical thinking abilities. No fewer than 200 words for post. Do not summarize the post and/or course concept(s), but perhaps comment on concepts directly applicable to your workplace.

For this response, should outside sources be used to support the content within the postings, proper in-text citations and correctly formatted references should be prepared consistent with the APA (6th edition). The list of references should be physically positioned at the end of the postings.

The company I chose is Verizon since that is the carrier choice for my area due to more coverage. The main competitor for Verizon is AT&T a cell phone service that I used to have before I moved to my current location where AT&T coverage was not very good in this area. Because of this the best strategy would be to be open about how much coverage you have across the country. Verizon has an Intensive Growth Strategy that is generic and Lawrence (2017) says the company’s intensive growth strategies shape the overall approach to grow the business. Likewise AT&T has the Wireless Network Strategy that AT&T INC (2011) says “Our data shows that as of the second quarter this year, about half of our postpaid customers had smartphones — more than any other wireless provider — and this trend shows no signs of slowing down,” said David Christopher, chief marketing officer, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets. “Nielsen’s results reinforce that our customers have the highest device satisfaction compared to all carriers. The quality of the service is important and as long as they can keep that up in as many areas as possible they will continue to grow. Lawrence (2017) says the business performance is possible by offering high-quality wireless connectivity services, which is a competitive advantage achieved through the differentiation generic strategy.

AT&T INC. (2011, September). Study reveals AT&T smartphone customers more likely to be satisfied with their devices. Retrieved from…

Lawrence, G. (2017, July). Verizon’s generic strategy and intensive growth strategies. Panmore Institute. Business Management. Retrieved from… (Links

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