Milestone 3

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: For this assignment, due In Module Seven, you will submit a draft of the Recommendations section of the proposal.

Your recommendations should
build logically on the factual overview and analysis sections of your draft proposal. You may find that outlining this milestone is a good way to start; be sure you
know what your recommendations are before you start writing.

Set forth your recommendations in an overview paragraph. From there, be sure to support each
recommendation by referencing your analysis and building on key conclusions.

Keep this milestone organized by walking through each recommendation in turn.
Before you submit this milestone, reread it and ask, are there any logic gaps?

Do your recommendations make sense in light of your analysis?

Are there any
issues you have not addressed? Do not overlook financial and operations issues throughout.

You should acknowledge challenges, resolve them, and move on.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

IV. Recommended Solution
A. Recommend an appropriate solution to respond to the issue in the scenario.

B. Explain how your recommended solution can be deployed using the policymaking processes you identified above.

C. Discuss how your recommended solution will improve population health, and how you will communicate this information to the general
populace. Be sure to substantiate your claims.

D. Describe how your recommended solution utilizes healthcare delivery principles and technology.

E. Discuss how your recommended solution utilizes budgeting, governance, and strategic-planning principles to promote quality and organizational
F. Explain how the methods for financing, evaluating, and improving healthcare delivery, operations, and facilities support your proposed solution
to manage behavior and healthcare delivery

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