In need of a 250-word initial post. INFO331 Topic: Moore’s Law and Network Effects

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In need of a 250-word initial post. INFO331 Topic: Moore’s Law and Network Effects

W3: Moore’s Law and Network Effects

1. What is e-waste? What is so dangerous about e-waste? Many well-meaning individuals thought that recycling was the answer to the e-waste problem. But why hasn’t e-waste recycling yielded the results hoped for?

2. What are network effects? Think about the kinds of technology products that you own, or websites you use, that are subject to network effects. What sorts of exchange do these products leverage (e.g., information, money, software, or other media)? Give several concrete examples and explain them as clearly as you can in your own words.

3. Find an article online that discusses the problem of e-waste, preferably one that also proposed a solution. In your own words summarize and critique the article. Do you think it is a viable solution? Why or why not? Be sure to include the url to your article.

4. Describe the impact that your chosen information system has on your organization. Be sure to consider both the positive and negative impacts. Over-dependence on an information system can be a negative impact, so also discuss whether your organization has any contingency plans for business continuity during system outages.

My chosen information system is the Marine Corps Training Information Management System (MCTIMS).

Text Readings:

Ch. 5 – Moore’s Law: Fast, Cheap Computing and What It Means for the Manager

Ch. 6 – Understanding Network Effects

Discussion Guidelines:

Your initial post in each discussion, answering the week’s discussion questions, is due by 11:55 PM ET on Wednesday each week.

Initial responses should be no less than 250 words of your own writing (not including your reference list.

Do not include my questions or discussion prompts in your post. You may number your answers, but your post should contain only your own original writing (the 250-word minimum is based only on your words in the post.).

Write in complete sentences and full paragraphs and avoid using lists of any kind in your posts.

Your initial post must be original in content and demonstrate a thorough analysis of the topic.

Include your own personal experience related to the topic being discussed. If you do not have experience working with information systems, describe your experience with various information systems, including web-based systems, you use in your personal life.

You should also conduct research on the topic of discussion using outside sources, in addition to your textbook, each week. You are encouraged to use the APUS Online Library to find scholarly articles related to the topics of discussion. You may also use the Internet to search for information, but make sure you only use scholarly and authoritative sources (not Wikipedia or other similar sites.

Write in your own words and avoid copying and pasting from other websites).

If you do quote from a source, keep quotations to a minimum – I would rather see you express your own understanding of what you learned from your sources, in your own words.

Book Title: Information Systems Version 1.3 – E-book links provided inside the classroom.

Author: Gallaugher

Publication Info: FlatWorld Knowledge


Book Title: Gallaugher, J. (2012). Information systems: A manager’s guide to harnessing technology (ver. 1.3). Irvington, NY: Flat World Knowledge.

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