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Acting Out Culture: Chapter 2 and Everything’s an Argument–

How We Watch; Scenes and Un-Scenes.

Refer to Question # 5 on page 164 in Acting Out Culture. Write the one page script using one cited quote from any selection in your text, Everything’s an Argument, for support.

Question #5 from acting out culture – As discussed throughout this chapter out culture’s visual rules teach us not only how to watch but also how to think. Choose one of the images from the preceding oages and write a one page script for how the image is supposed to make us think about the politically loaded issue of federal disaster relief. What sorts of ideas or concerning responsibility of the government to aid those in need does it encourage viewers adopt?

The cited qoute i choose from Everything’s an argument for support is “ You may sometimes want to use emotions to connect with readers to assure them that you understand their experiences or “feel their pain.” (Lunsford, 31)

And i will also send the image i have selected.


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