Essay or letter on what was learned from Vietnam. See Description.

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Final Paper, use MLA format.

You can think of it this way: in our last class, we saw the stories of the children of a generation that lost its country, of a son whose father kept the secrets of his past in a locked box, and of a daughter who is not a veteran, but who was directly and indirectly affected by what she did not know and what she found out about the Vietnam war. One of the motivations for her search also occurred when she found closed boxes holding objects that evoked the knowledge that had been kept from her, or that she had never thought about or wanted to know.
In a sense, then, that son and that daughter is you. Write a letter to me or any of the authors or characters we have come across during the semester. Look at the course you’ve just taken as a locked box you have found in an attic or garage, or buried in the back yard. Imagine unlocking that box. There are the things inside– the books, stories, poems, films and discussions we’ve had over the semester. Reach in and take them out. Which gave you the most insight and knowledge, that changed you, that gave you your greatest learning experiences? How did it or they do so? .
Another option is to use the Campbell Journey of the Hero model. You are that hero. What safe place did you leave? What guides (the books, stories, poems, films and discussions we’ve had over the semester) did you find? What wounds did you receive? What valuable knowledge did you gain that you wish to bring back to your world?


Personalize your response to Learning Module Two by using the Joseph Campbell “Journey of the Hero” pattern (below). Refer to whichever of this module’s readings, film, poetry you feel helped bring you to question E, below. Use (and quote from and cite) at least two sources, though you may bring in more.

A. What “safe place that needs renewal” did you leave? (Why was it safe, and what was lacking? This could be your own preconceptions)
B. Into what “dark place” did you descend? (What made it “dark”–i.e. what didn’t you know that the readings and film helped clarify or illuminate?
C. Who or what was/were your guide(s)? (Which sections or chapters or passages or characters helped you understand more? Use summary and quotations from whatever you choose to help clarify your response)
D. What was your “wound?” or “wounds”? (Sometimes knowledge can be painful, or challenge comfortable preconceptions we might hold–did this happen to you).

E. What wisdom are you bringing back? (What was your most valuable learning experience(s) from reading and discussing this [these] book[s] poetry, film?

Here are some works we read/watched(Use as needed):

Work Cited (apply as needed) Note all book or film titles should be in italic font.

Bao Ninh, The Sorrow of War, Riverhead Books, New York, 1996

Campbell, Joseph, “The Journey of the Hero” reprinted in Learning Module One, ENG 2810, Spring 2018

Herman, Judith, Trauma and Recovery, New York, Basic Books, 1992

Karlin, Wayne, Wandering Souls: Journeys with the Dead and the Living in Viet Nam, New York, Nation Books, 2013

O’Brien, Tim, “Name of Chapter,” in The Things They Carried, Mariner, New York, 1999 (Unless you are using a different edition)

When the 10th Month Comes, dir. Dang Nhat Minh, DVD, Vietnam Feature Film Studio, Hanoi, 1984

Heaven and Earth, dir. Oliver Stone, DVD, 1993.

Green Dragon, dir. Timothy Linh Bui, DVD, 2001

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