Chapter reviews in marketing research

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I will give you a log-in to view the book when you accept the assignment. If you have any questions, please let know asap.

Must be thoroughly explained in each answer for each question. It must have at least a couple sentences and some require more than a couple.

Answer the following questions in a Word document. . All answers MUST be in your own words unless the question asks for a direct definition or to list specific information. I want you to show you understand the concept. I do not want to know how good your copy/paste skills are, so DO NOT copy and paste from the textbook or PowerPoint. I do realize your answers will include the same or similar words to the textbook or PowerPoint. Just make sure you have taken the information and explained it on your own when possible. Some questions will be more difficult, or include more parts but others will be much simpler, so everything should balance out.

Here is an example of the format I would prefer you to use. You may download this document and rename it for your assignment submission.

Chapter 1
1. How is marketing research defined? What are the key elements of this definition?
2. Why is it important to study marketing research? (3 reasons)

Chapter 2
1. What is the research process? Include the four stages in your answer.
2. Highlight the main difference between the utility, justice, and rights approaches to ethical reasoning.
3. What types of research should be avoided? (4 types)

Chapter 20
1. What are the three recommended research report writing standards?
2. What content appears in each of the following parts of the research report?

a) Title page

b) Table of contents

c) Executive summary

d) Introduction

e) Method

f) Results

g) Conclusions and recommendations

h) References

i) Appendices

Chapter 19
1. What are the 10 tips for preparing effective presentations?
2. Explain the two fundamental rules for delivering good oral presentations.
3. What are 2 other things to keep in mind about the oral presentation? (Hint: both include time).
4. When should graphics be used in an oral presentation?

BONUS #1: (This question is not in the book, please site references)The American Marketing Association (AMA) has a code of conduct for marketers. It includes the three ethical norms that marketers must: 1) do no harm, 2) foster trust in the marketing system, 3) embrace ethical values. What are the six (6) ethical values outlined in the code of conduct for marketers? Worth up to 5 points.

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