AMH 2042 Modern American History class

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Topic Prompt: The Great Depression plunged the nation into a profound crisis. Compare and contrast the ways in which President Herbert Hoover and President Franklin D. Roosevelt responded to the crisis. How did Hoover and Roosevelt define the role that the federal government should play in efforts to restore the nation’s economy and the socioeconomic needs of the people? What were some specific steps that each President took to address the Great Depression?

The paper should be 800-1000 words (3 to 4 pages). Double Spaced. 12 Pt. Font Times New Roman

Please include a title of your paper, name, and date.

This paper is based primarily on:

Henretta, Chapter 23: Managing the Great Depression, Forging the New Deal

Sheets, Sources for America’s History

22. 6 “Advertising the American Dream” Westinghouse Advertisement and Chevrolet Advertisement, 1927)

23.2. “President Inspires Depressed Nation with Promise of Action” (Franklin D. Roosevelt, Inaugural Address (1933)

23.6 “Reporting the Plight of Depression Families” Martha Gellhorn, (Field Report to Harry Hopkins, 1934)

Do not use outside online sources or texts! I will offer you the link to accses the book online

For more information look at the attachment please!

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