Philosophy Pro Essay

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The “Pro” Essay Format

Pro Essay (must be minimum 5 Full pages)

1. Pro Introduction: You must copy this exacly in the intro part, you just need to fill where is say to fill in:

The author (fill in) argues for the following controversial conclusion: (give conclusion). He supports this conclusion with the following premises: (a) (give first premise) and (b) (give second premise). This essay will examine each premise in the light of objectors and then defend the author from these objections.

2. The possible objection to the first premise (give the objection(s)). you can choose from these pages 117 to 120 OR 157 to 158 OR 182

3. Reply to the first objection (give pointed reply).

4. The possible objection to the second premise (give the objection(s)).

5. Reply to the second objection (give pointed reply).

6. Theoretical observation (this is a broad theoretical groundwork upon which the whole argument rests).

7. Significance (this is a concrete example from the world in which these issues play out today).

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