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Read other students’ posts and respond to at least three of them. In addition to any other comments you may have, respond to the following:

  • Respond to the points they made from their journal entry.
  • Respond to the article they posted about Native American culture.
  • Respond to the post with an interesting comment and probing question.
  • Word count min of 75 words


Journal Entry 5

These few pages were very surprising because Lipsha finds out about his parents from Lulu. “People talked, but those two went together and fell in love” (Erdrich 301) Lulu is telling the story to Lipsha about how June had an affair with Gerry, one of Lulu’s sons, then along came Lipsha. June’s husband, Gordi, couldn’t bear her giving birth to another man’s child, so she went to Marie, having a soft spot for June, asked her if she would take in Lipsha as one of her own children. “I either gain a grandson or lose a young man who didn’t like me in the first place” (Erdrich 303). Lulu told Lipsha because she wanted him to know that she was part of his family knowing that everyone is keeping this secret, but she has nothing to lose since June and Gordi are no longer living. It fits in with the novel because we can see that June is Lulu’s daughter from her second marriage. That is how Lipsha is related to Lulu because when she looks at his features they have the same nose. The reason why this was significant is because each Indian that had an affair they would go to the person they trusted the most asking them to take in their children as one of their own. They do this so they can still take care of them, but from a far not letting anyone know they have a bastard child. This is frowned upon in a Catholic marriage because those two people belong to one another as partners, while other religions have multiple husbands/wives. The writing influences readers by keeping them in suspense of the drama going through each family member. Although there was drama amongst the families, they always found a way to help out one another. It makes readers want to finish the book to see how the family members that are still standing turned out.

Work Cited

Erdrich, Louise, “Love Medicine,” Harper Perennial, New York, 2009 Print.

Native American Culture

One website that I found explains the culture of Native Americans. A cultural diversity between Native American groups have different race, ethnicity, language, nationality, or religion. In the novel we see a lot of that going on the reservation. Lulu has many kids from different men from Native Culture and other cultures. Native American culture can be lost due to conflicts. If they had a war going on and the other group invaded the territory the last culture is lost. As readers can see Lulu’s children lost their Indian culture by being diverse. This is a little bit of culture that readers see going on in this reading.


For this journal entry, I chose to analyze the importance and the role of Lulu throughout the two chapters of assigned reading we are analyzing. Lulu is looked at particularly in a negative fashion at the beginning of this section, as the town looks at her as a “whore” and a liar because of her many children and the romantic relationships from which they came. However, the more we are told about Lulu’s despicable past, the more we question if there were any ulterior motives for her actions; In fact, we found how intelligent and meticulous Lulu is. Lulu is described as a “cat, loving no one, only purring to get what she wanted” (272). When Lulu gets the chance to defend herself and share her side of the accounts she’s being persecuted over, we see that she wasn’t a whore but like instead she says she’s “going to tell you about the men. There were times I let them in for being part of the world. I believed that angels in the body make us foreign to ourselves when touching” (272). This poetic statement made by Lulu displays her comprehension that her actions used to be senseless and that just because men wanted to have her she would let them. However it wasn’t because of the sex, but rather it was because for those moments she was able to forget about her worries and feel cared about and loved, which helped her overcome struggles in her life. This reflects a lot of traditional native American culture, as her family means everything to her, and as Luana Ross explained in her dissertation called Native American Cultures: Family life, Kinship, and Gender, “Native American societies are based on the concept of interdependence. Interdependence means that all things in the universe are dependent on one another. The idea is that everything in the universe works together to achieve a balance in oneself, the community, and the universe” (R.L.). Lulu loves to interact with others and displays these traditional Native American values, such as that by loving and connecting with people, the universe will be balanced and achieve piece. This, in my opinion, is Lulu’s purpose in the novel – to provide love to act as a medicine and heal people’s afflictions.


Literary Journal #5

In the section titled The Tomahawk Factory in Louise Erdrich’s novel titled Love Medicine, she has Lyman Lamartine narrate the section in first person. I find it very interesting how this section of the novel focuses heavily on the history of the tribe and how tribal history is preserved and remains over the years. This sparked my interest because in the section Lyman is able to open up a place which sells artifacts belonging to the Chippewa tribe. At first he had no desire to be connected to the tribe in this way. However after he was able to experience a point where he was able to see buffalo, he was able to stir up a deep down connection to his tribe and a sense of belonging. At first he viewed tribal artifacts in a way where he wanted to “Carve off the hide. Chop the carcass into chunks. Dry it. Freeze it. Tan the skin with the beast’s dull brains and live inside it as a shelter.” Later on, this view changes and he gains an appreciation for the history.

Erdrich includes this section into her novel to elaborate on the theme of having a sense of pride and connection to ones heritage and culture. I believe that this theme has influenced me to start appreciating my culture to a deeper extend. At the same time I also gain a deeper appreciation of other cultures. Erdrich shows the struggles that many Native Americans experience and it allows me to gain more understanding on how way their culture operates and the struggles that they face. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

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