Gov 2305 Chapter 1 and 2

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Chapter 1

A. Answer the following questions in a 4 paragraph essay based on the above readings.,%20Interest%20Groups,%20and%20Average%20Citizens.pdf

1)How democratic do you think America is?(Please give specific examples)

2)Do you think it is important to strive to be more democratic?Why or why not?

Note: A paragraph = 3-5 sentences, I expect the essay to be thoughtful and specifically address the questions above and use specific examples from both readings.

Chapter 2

This document contains 6 artifacts (artifact = photo or old documents 4 are required; 2 are extra credit) In the space below, please identify the portion of the constitution that relates to the artifact (Article, Section) and provide the text of the Constitution that is related. I’ve already identified the Article so you only need to focus on the Section.Use the outline to help you! My intention is not to bore you to tears by making you read the Constitution.


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