evaluate the layout and overall content of the web sites

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Analyze three or more of: cbsnews.com;
msnbc.msn.com; abcnews.com; foxnews.com; cnn.com. First, evaluate the layout and
overall content of the web sites—i.e., their user-friendliness, coverage of various aspects of
the news (e.g. U.S. and foreign), and so on. Second, take three (or more) stories that are
covered by all sources; compare coverage of these stories across each of the web sites.
(Choose political stories, broadly conceived). Look at the headlines as well as the stories. Is
coverage better on a certain site or sites? Consistently? Is there any detectable bias in the
reporting? What direction is the bias? Is the bias consistent across stories? Include (e.g.
copy and paste) they hyperlinks of the stories that you compare into the reference section of
your paper. What effect if any, does any difference in news coverage have on
citizens/voters? NOTE: You should specifically reference and discuss relevant material
(e.g. concepts, ideas, terms) from assigned readings when writing your answer.

here are a site has the terms: (Agenda Setting, Priming and Framing)



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