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DB2.Students will copy and paste the psychosocial and psychological section of their case study and write a psychological referral. Be sure to include the questions needed to be asked. Following the referral, write supportive information as to why the psychological evaluation is needed for the rehab process. Respond to two of your classmates with feedback and additional questions that may have been overlooked as well as to why they are important.

This is some additional information that may be helpful with discussion 2.

Client: Lena Price

Reason for Referral: Individual states that in spite of her limited education and health concerns she wants to seek employment.

Medical History: Ms. Price 47 year old Caucasian female suffers with severe leg and back pain from being abused by her husband for the past 15 years.

Presenting Problems: Depression and PTSD

Medications: None at this time.

Medical Referral: Based on Ms. Price’s medical background I am suggesting that she seek medical attention and evaluations from a Psychiatrist and an Orthopedist. These physicians were chosen because of Ms. Price’s emotional concerns triggered by events in her life and her physical inability to perform certain duties. This medical referral will help determine if Ms. Price current skills match her desired occupation or if she needs to consider other alternatives.


Roessler, R.T. & Rubin, S.E. (2006). Case management and rehabilitation counseling: procedures and techniques. (4th ed.). Austin, TX

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