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In this assignment, you will study the structure of virtual teams and the managerial skills required for managing them.

Leaders often work with employees in teams located in different parts of the world. These teams are called virtual teams.

Using the Internet, research about working with, leading, and communicating with virtual teams.

Based on your research, complete the following tasks:

  • Provide suggestions regarding how leaders can help virtual teams to be successful and resolve misunderstandings and conflicts in such situations through frequent meetings. Include how leaders deal with the advantages and challenges associated with leading virtual teams by using external and internal motivators.
  • Explain how you think issues such as team mission, training, rules, regulations, expectations, and feedback could be used to make the teams work together successfully.
  • Leaders must often communicate within their organizations about upcoming changes. Explain in detail the important aspects of the scope and structure of a leadership communication program designed to explain changes that will occur within the organization.

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