Topic 7 DQ 2

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Please respond with a paragraph to the following question, add citations and references:

Dissemination of research includes communicating scientific results, methods and values from specialized research fields to people outside the disciplines. Dissemination may be designed at researchers in other disciplines, or at a broader audience (The Norwegian National Research Ethics Committees, n.d). Dissemination can be presented in three ways (Ps), posters, presentations, and papers methods in the nursing field. Researchers should consider how the results will be disseminated from the beginning of the project. Developing a dissemination plan will help guide the research process and keep the researcher focused on the goal. Choosing the methods of dissemination and creating a plan are critical to the research project. In order for a project to truly be successful, the results must be shared with the appropriate audience in the right way (CIRT, n.d).

There are two important method of dissemination internal and external. For my internal EBP disseminating is our hospital Nursing Quality Counsel (NQC). The purpose of the NQC is to identify, review and analyze data to measure and monitor nurse- sensitive patient outcomes, and recommend further action as a result of the data analysis. The plan is to present my capstone project to our hospital NQC. After presenting my project our NQC will review it and will give me feedback and then they will pass it if everything is ok.

The external EBP disseminating method is the Patient-centered Comparative Effectiveness Research Center (PCERC) at the Brigham Research Institute. The goal is to make health care safer, higher quality, more accessible, reasonable and affordable by promoting research that is designed to improve the knowledge that allows patients, caregivers, clinicians, employers, insurers, and policy makers to make informed health decisions. To support this large research program, PCERC was established to: 1) bring this diverse research community together under a single umbrella; 2) foster collaboration and innovation; and 3) provide key resources to the research community to enhance funding and improve research outcome(CIRT, n.d).


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