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Unit 1 Discussion 2: Researching the Research Options

Healthcare Organizations regularly identify business-related problems within their system. Some are easy to identify and fix, such as patient names being visible to other patients upon sign in at a doctor’s office. Here, the implementation of the tear away or peel away sign in sheet remedies the problem and improves patient privacy. Other problems may be more difficult to identify and if they are identified may not have an obvious solution. This is where Process Improvement Methodologies enter as a valuable tool to generate and implement measurable solutions.

For this discussion, you will research a process improvement method (below) and use the ECPI Online Library, Health Sciences Lib Guide, or the Internet to research this business problem-solving process.

If your last name begins with

Process Improvement Method

A – D

Huddle Board and Meeting

E – K


L – O

Root Cause Analysis

P – T

The Five Why’s

U – Z

The Six S’s


  • Present a brief summary of the Process Improvement Method. Be sure to include a minimum of 2 images representing samples of the Process Improvement Method and an explanation of how the method has been used in healthcare.
  • Suggest at least one healthcare organization related problem that could be addressed using this improvement method (different than the ones you discussed in the topic above) and provide and brief plan on how you envision the process taking place with the problem.
  • Provide at least 2 potential pitfalls with using this improvement plan in the healthcare setting. Please support with at least 1 credible source.

After you have posted your own response, make sure you go back through the discussion and read the posts of your peers. Please respond to at least two of your peers’ initial posts and respond to posts that address an Improvement Plan other than the one you were assigned in your initial post. The idea with these discussions is to create a space where we are engaging in an actual conversation. As you review your peer’s posts and create peer responses please be ensure to discuss how your problem may or may not be appropriate for that Improvement Process method.

Support your argument with research. I recommend that you use the ECPI Online Library for your research. Remember that wikis and blogs are not credible resources. Remember to cite your sources, and include the URL(s) as applicable. Your sources should be cited using APA format. Once you have written your initial post, go back and respond to your peers who have taken the opposing position. Check the discussion forum often and be sure to respond to all questions that are asked of you.

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