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see attachtment !!!!! re write the following speach following the directions in the attachment:

Harold Pinter is
the renewer of English drama in the 20th century. “Pinteresque” is an
adjective listed in the Oxford Dictionary. Like Kafka, Proust, and
Graham Greene he has charted a territory, a Pinterland with a distinct
With his twenty-nine plays and about a hundred that he has directed or acted in, he has made the theatre his own domain. His
figures barricade themselves in unpredictable dialogues. Between the
lines of unresolved threats, it roils and stings. What we hear are
signals for everything we do not hear.The abyss under chat, the
unwillingness to communicate other than superficially, the need to rule
and mislead, the suffocating sensation of accidents bubbling under the
quotidian, the nervous perception that a dangerous story has been
censored—all this vibrates through Pinter’s drama.His characters are at
the mercy of each other on the periphery of life. They are also
prisoners in the limbo of class divisions, set phrases and solidified
Their identities, backgrounds and
histories are vague, and different versions exist depending on who is
remembering. They seldom listen to each other but it is precisely their
mental deafness that makes us listen. Not a word passes unnoticed, nor
can we relax a single minute. Atmospheric pressure fluctuates as secrets
unroll and shift the distribution of power.

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