Native American Spirituality

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Which story in Wisdom Walk teaches you something about Native American Spirituality?

Which story in Wisdom Walk teaches you about Native American Spirituality and the wisdom practice: Let Nature Be Your Teacher?

In your first paragraph choose and summarize a story from Wisdom Walk and explain your understanding of the wisdom practice under discussion.

In your second paragraph discuss your views about the story and wisdom practice and how it relates to your life.


The story in Wisdom Walk that teaches me about Native American Spirituality and the wisdom practice: Let Nature Be Your Teacher is Welcome Home in which the narrator seeks inner guidance about their soul’s purpose, so they decide to go on a vision quest. To prepare for the quest the narrator fasts on juice, water or nothing at all for six months and once the time came the narrator journeyed through a mountain. Once on this journey the narrator comes across a nice spot in the mountain where they set up a sacred circle with rocks, they would stay in this spot for three days and three nights. The narrator witnesses the beauty of nature on the first two days and nights in which they observe the wonderful creatures that inhabit this planet. On the third night the narrator becomes one with the Great Spirit of Life in which she hears the words “Welcome home daughter” right before she doses off in sleep.

Nature has a lot to teach us and most of the time we take nature for granted. Our society is advancing in many aspects and these advancements sometimes require more land in which companies may clear out a space of land to build a big building. We should realize that this planet is not only for us and that other things rely on it in order to live. This story relates to my life through surfing, even though it is not like the narrator’s journey through the mountain I learn a lot about nature through surfing. One thing is that nature cannot be tamed, the waves have their own agenda and the ocean can turn from calm and peaceful to wild and chaotic in a second. This has taught me to go with the flow and to not try and over power something I have no control over.

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