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Each student in the class is required to research 3 IT-related “dream jobs” from various (at least 2 different) job search engines and to submit a report containing these descriptions. The text should be at least 2 pages with 12 pt. font and 1.5 spacing and 1-inch margins.

For each job, you must provide the job description including the position, a set of skills and qualifications (e.g., education, training, work experience, etc.) needed for the job, a list of what the job entails, and the specific URL to the resource (e.g., Website / job search engine) used for finding the job. You will also write at least one paragraph ( > 100 words) to elaborate on why you would be interested in such a position and which aspects of your background or skill set makes you particularly suitable for that job.

Each section of the report must be clearly delineated with an underlined section title as follows:

Job Description

  • Position
  • Required Skills and Qualifications
  • Responsibilities
  • URL

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