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As written in your syllabus, you have to critique 3 speakers by the end of the semester

Below is a list of sites to find speakers who speak on a huge variety of topics.

Take your time and browse these sites, looking specifically for speeches that interest you.

Watch and listen to the speeches and take notes, so that you will be able to answer the questions.

Gather all 5 of your critiques and email them to me before May 5, 2021

Respond to all the questions (below) but be VERY brief. You do NOT need to write paragraphs. Just write the number of the questions and BRIEFLY answer them( 1 or 2 words or 1or 2 sentences) – if applicable to your speaker.

Begin the critique with the name of the speaker, the topic, and the location or site where you found it.

If no visual aids were used or if the speech was not persuasive, then only answer the questions that are pertinent to the speech you heard.

Sites listed below have excellent, effective speakers and also those speakers that should/must take a public speaking course. Browse. Enjoy. Find speeches you really want to hear. The topics are superior.


TED Talks www.ted.com (This site is fantastic and used by MANY students.)

American Rhetoric www.americanrhetoric.com

History www.history.com

Google this title: “50 Incredible Speeches you should watch online”

YouTube Persuasive speeches – There are plenty

Use this Public Speaking Guide to assist you in writing your critique:

1. Did the introduction gain your attention and make the topic relevant you? How did the speaker accomplish this?

2. Did the speaker establish credibility to speak on the topic? How did the speaker do this?

3. Did the speaker adequately preview the main points in the introduction?

4. Was the speech easy for you to follow

5. Identify the main points.

6. Was there a variety of credible supporting materials? Explain.

7. Did the speaker use clear and interesting transitions? Give examples.

8. Did the speaker clearly summarize the message in the conclusion?

9. Was the speaker adequately enthusiastic?

10. Did the speaker exhibit sufficient knowledge on the subject?

11. What 2 or 3 things did the speaker do well?

12. Give 2 suggestions the speaker could do to improve.

Specifically for persuasive speeches:

13. Was the goal of the speech designed to reinforce a belief? establish a belief? change a belief? or move to action?

14. Was the speaker effective in establishing his/her credibility on this topic?

15. Did the speaker effectively use some or all of the methods of persuasion? facts/statistics, example, predict a consequence, answer the opposition?

16. Did the speaker effectively answer the opposition?

Visual Aids (if used)

Were the visual aids adequate, appropriate and smoothly integrated into the delivery?

18. What visual aids did he/she use?

19. What did you like about the visual aids and supporting materials?

20. Did the visual aid adequately communicate the idea?

21. Were the visual aids large enough to be seen?

22. Did the visual aids have a professional quality?

23. Were the visual aids simple and uncomplicated?

24. Were the visual aids introduced, integrated, and displayed at an appropriate time?


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