How would i answer each question in essay form 7-9 sentences each.

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Exercise Physiology – Key Assessment

Directions: Utilizing the knowledge gained in this course review and answer each of the following questions.

  1. List and describe the steps of muscle contraction from nerve impulse to gross movement. Include the crossbridge cycle and role of ATP in the process.
  1. What are the short- and long-term (acute and chronic) mechanisms by which the body increases VO2?
  1. Select an external stressor (heat, cold, or altitude) and describe how the body acclimates and acclimatizes to it.
  1. Identify and explain 2 physical adaptations to a) resistance training, and b) endurance training (4 total).

  1. Briefly define respiratory exchange ratio and crossover effect; Sketch a graph showing the crossover effect, and explain how exercise duration and mass action effect can affect the shape of the curves.

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