Help in Week 7 Forum 250+ words Chicago style

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Discuss the issues facing Congress when providing oversight of strategic covert action programs while at the same time being a consumer/user and owning the budget for strategic intelligence analysis and production.

Does oversight work as it exists? Is there much scrutiny of strategic intelligence efforts? If so, what works and what doesn’t.

Do you feel the system, overall, is satisfactory? If so, why–if not why not?

In this forum I am expecting that you will indulge in the topic of Congressional oversight. This is a somewhat loaded topic, as you will find from the postings on this topic and from the readings. But the role of Congress in the intelligence world is essential to understanding how we are structured, funded, and watched over as an intelligence community. This might seem like a diversion, but I assure you it is not. Congress’s demand for an Iraq NIE before the invasion in March 2004 is a good example of Congress calling on President Bush, who up until that demand, refused to produce an NIE on Iraq! Congress and its oversight committees play a role and it is important to explore that in the readings and then in the discussion forum.

Before you answer the question be sure are thoroughly familiar with the readings for the week. They all deal with oversight of the Intelligence community. These four readings provide different views into the purpose, problems, and potential of oversight.

Forum entries need to be submitted using an essay-type format. Students will cite the work in their forum and provide references. Forums need to have an introduction with thesis sentence, 2-3 supporting paragraphs, and conclusion. The conclusion needs to summarize your key points. 250+ words Chicago style

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