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Secretary of State Clinton tells graduates that they are being prepared for “global citizenship in the interconnected world of the 21st century” (para.9). What communication skills do you think this global citizenship will require of you in your careers?

I believe that the very same communication skills that are practiced today are true when communicating globally. For example, When I speak with a business partner in Spain, we use email, and for most, no translation is needed. For others, translation engines work well enough to conduct business. The use of personal phones are also an excellent communication device. Using SMS, Skype for Business and other tools, allow business and career growth to continue globally from a communication standpoint. I do not believe that tools such as Facebook are useful for career building. LinkedIn is a good global networking resource that I have used with success. Technology will continue to grow and be an integral part in global communication.

·Do you agree with Gill regarding the marginalization of women in the media? Give at least one example to support your conclusion. Do you think the United Nations should intervene in this issue? Why or why not?

I do not agree with Gill regarding marginalization of women. Women have in the past been treated unfairly in America, and still are in parts of the world. That is unfortunate and unacceptable. I do not believe that women are not treated unfairly in the American workplace. Women are afforded the same growth options within their careers as men. In an article and study written by The American Interest differences between men and women are tied to their priorities. This affects both their career growth and pay possibilities.

“men and women have measurably different priorities when it comes to choosing jobs and majors… In the study, Matthew Wiswall of Arizona State University and Basit Zafar of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York presented undergraduate students with a realistic set of career scenarios that varied in terms of their “future earnings growth, dismissal probability, and work hours flexibility” and asked them to pick the ones they preferred. And they found large differences in the way men and women factored these characteristics into their selection process, with men prioritizing wages and women prioritizing flexibility and security” (The American Interest, 2016).

The American Interest. (2016). Men and Women Choose Careers Differently. Retrieved 2017, from The American Interest:…

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