Evaluation of Restaurant Technologies

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Visit a restaurant that uses a POS system and answer the 10 questions.

  1. Who is the POS vendor (e.g. Digital Dining, Micros, Aloha, etc.)?
  2. What type of terminals (e.g., keyboard, touchscreen, handhelds, tablets, self-service kiosks, fingerprint/RFID and credit/debit card readers, etc.) are used? Describe the menu layouts (e.g., menu board or touch-screen driven, organization, menu-item tracking, etc.) and keys (preset, ingredient, cooking/modifiers, allergen and nutritional, etc.)
  3. Describe the ordering system (onsite and online if applicable). Are food orders processed in a timely manner? How do servers know when orders are ready?
  4. How are customers notified when tables are ready?
  5. Describe and evaluate the POS terminal configuration (e.g., impact on server productivity and customer service).
  6. What types of printers are used for printing kitchen orders and guest receipts?
  7. What systems are interfaced to the POS system (e.g., gift card, loyalty program, Internet reservations, time and attendance, table management, inventory, etc.)?
  8. Describe the payment system.
  9. Describe two reports generated by the system and how they are used?
  10. Identify potential applications/technologies that could significantly improve operational performance.


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