6 mins presentation slides. Inventory management

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10 to 12 slides in PowerPoint.

10 to 12 slides if all key points inside would also be ok with diagram but the 10 slides don’t include the welcome and end slide.

FOr your info this 2 questions is not link and this would be a short individual presentation. Most important the key points must be in the slides.

1) New business practices and developments are making fundamental changes to operations and many of these affect the role and management of inventory in a retail, manufacturing or fashion industry.

Discuss any two (2) business trends that have a significant impact on how stocks are managed in any organisationt hat you are familiar with. You should conduct an online literature search for related articles and papers. Discuss how these trends have affected this organisation’s operations as well as the strategies the organisation have come up with to respond to these trends. ( Online shopping concept cannot be used )

2 ) Select one of these two topics and explain its concepts and showcase how it is being used or can be used by companies (with real world example, or your company as an example):

Forecasting Techniques

Material Requirement Planning (MRP, ERP etc)

Kanban Systems

Lean Inventory Management

Big Data for Inventory Management


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