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please provide one source of the reading class which is shifting engine of medicalization by Conrad :http://psychopathology.fiu.edu/articles/conrad_05….

and the other source from out side.

Minimum 300 words, and no more than 400 words. Each memo should be written as a response to one of the
topics we cover in the class. There is not a specific prompt for the response memos. Your goal is to make sure
that you touch on issues raised by the readings/class conversations. You should demonstrate engagement with
the key ideas in the reading(s) that prompted you to write your memo. Please make sure to cite at least two
specific points of evidence (from the course readings) in your memo to support your ideas, but do not waste
excessive space with quotes. Since these memos are very short, your goal is to make a clear point and to be
concise. Please avoid summary wherever possible. You may bring in outside sources as evidence where relevant.
All readings should be appropriately cited using in-text citations, and you should have a list of references at the
end of your memo. Please follow ASA style.


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