What’s Steve Orlando’s use of the popular graphic novel genre in Virgil, writing homework help

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Essay # 2: On Virgil

About: For this second exercise I would like for all of us to explore our creative side by Creating a Space/Platform type of exercise.

  • What is a Creative Space or Platform?
    • They are commonly used in advertising. However, for this exercise it would be more of a proposal that should create: awareness, interest, changing attitudes and/or that leads to action.
  • Some ideas or examples:
  1. Project Luz: Founded by Argentinian photographer Sol Aramendi in 2004, is a learning space where participants can share different points of view through photography. It invites Hispanic immigrants to make connections between their everyday life experiences with learning. For more information visit: http://projectluz.org/
  2. Jornalero/a Wage Theft App: It is a project in collaboration with the New Immigrant Community Empowerment (NICE), artists, workers, lawyers and academics that provides workers with the Smartphone application to track payments, record details about unsafe work sites and share pictures to identify employers. All of this is done anonymously. The app has workers record their hours and wages, which are then saved in a profile. That profile, which lists a phone number but not name is linked to the NICE organization’s database. For more information visit: http://www.nynice.org/
  3. The Nanny Van: Founded Chinese-Ecuadorian artist Marisa Morán Jahn. The Nanny Van is a bright orange mobile design lab and sound studio that “accelerates the movement for domestic workers’ rights nationwide”. The Nanny Van convenes domestic workers and employers alike to produce and provide new fair care tools. For more information visit: http://www.nannyvan.org/
  4. Domestic Worker App: also founded by Marisa Moran Jahn. It is a hotline that provides nannies, housekeepers and caregivers about their rights. For more information visit: http://marisajahn.com/post/116257921199/domestic-w…

NOW! We’ve read about the hostile and violent atmosphere in Jamaica against the LGBTQ community.

Question: In thinking of Steve Orlando’s use of the popular graphic novel genre, what popular mediums would you use to create a social haven for this community in Jamaica?

Instructions: You will write a proposal for a Creative Platform.

It should have:

  • Background: The social issue you will focus your Platform on (why is it a problem or how it became a problem?). Present what others have done to introduce this social issue (in this case use Steve Orlando’s Virgil as previous works that talk about the situation in Jamaica)
  • Objective: To create awareness, to interest, to help change attitudes or to be active in helping members of the community.
  • Your Creative Platform: For this part, describe the development, the medium and elements/agents that best support your proposal. Here, creativity is key and sky is the limit.
  • Total of pages: 4-5 pages or more.

You should read Virgil write by Steve Orlando.


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