Smoking Discussion Questions

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answer the questions on the discussion, please. there are 4 questions answer them clearly. see the attached file.please do not do it as Essay. I need you to answer each question by order you put the qestion and the answer under it. do not use contractions when you write like ” don’t, can’t, couldn’t etc..”


These two suggestions are for now and the future.

1. Acronyms are abbreviations of expanded titles and there is a way they are to be used. At the first instance, you are supposed to spell it out – an example being Fair Labor Association (FLA) then the next time you use it, you can use FLA.

2 Contractions – Don’t, doesn’t ,can’t – this is a university course and you are responding to questions. DO NOT use contractions – we are not in a conversation. Moving on, any contractions I see after this announcement, I will take 1 point off.

thank you

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