Sammys power and example from story

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Intro; Argue that the behavior of Sammy and the girls can be explained by examining power, class, status. Thesis should mention it.

Body 1 is about power, Sammy’s power and example from story. Then the girls’ power (one of the girls or all of them) and example.

Body 2 is about class, Sammy’s class and example from the story. Then the girls’ class and example from the story.

Body 3 is about status, Sammy’s status in society and example, then the girls’ status and example from the story.

Conclusion; do not summarize, just explain how power, class, and status influence people. Implication of power, status, and class in today’s world.

Power is the ability to influence others.

Status is the respect society gives you because of your job, achievement, and etc. Sammy does not have respect as much as girls have.

Class is the economic rank one has in society. For example, the main character is working as a cashier in A&P, so his economic situtaion is not well. Therefore he has low class than the girls.

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