personal characteristics of effective counselors

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Hi, I need help with discussion board-Initial Post-10 meaningful sentences-

chapter describes the personal characteristics of effective counselors.
After reflecting on this list of personal qualities, identify what you
consider to be the three most important qualities. Explain your choices.
Be sure to connect your response to something you learned in Chapter 2.
To clearly illustrate that connection, your response must contain the
page number from the textbook in order to earn full credit.

Attached is chapter 2.

I also need reply (5 meaningful sentences) to the following post:

After reflecting on the personal qualities an effective counselor should
possess, I believe the three most important to be having a sincere interest in
the welfare of others, possessing effective interpersonal skills and being able
to maintain healthy boundaries. According to Corey (2017), effective counselors
need to trust, respect, care, and value others (Corey, 2017, p. 20). I feel that
this is a necessary component to becoming a counselor, because someone who was
not concerned with the welfare of others would not make a good counselor and
would not put forth much effort in helping a person through the struggles that
they are facing and would not be useful to others in a therapeutic setting.
Without regard for others, it would be more damaging to be in this field than

The second quality I find most important to being a counselor is
possessing effective interpersonal skills. Corey (2017), explains that this
allows a counselor to see the worldviews of another but also enables them to
have a healthy relationship with others to work towards common goals (Corey,
2017, p. 20). Corey (2017), points out that it is not the techniques used
but the human dimension of the relationship between the therapist and client
that has the greatest effect on the outcome of therapy (Corey, 2017, p. 19). To
me, this means that someone studying counseling could be a straight A student
but if they are lacking in interpersonal skills, techniques and theories are
not going to be effective in establishing a relationship with a client and
being effective.

Lastly, I feel that being able to maintain healthy boundaries is an
essential component to being an effective counselor. For our own emotional
well-being as well as the well-being of our clients, it is essential to set
boundaries and be clear about them upfront and stick to them (Corey, 2017, p.
30). We cannot walk through life for our clients or be a fixer of their
problems. Our role is to guide them and offer support but not become a crutch
for them.

Corey, G. (2017). Theory and
practice of counseling and psychotherapy, 10th edition.

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