Foundations for Social Inequality, sociology homework help

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1- Look over the slideshow ‘Foundations for Social Inequality’ which can be found in the “PowerPoint Slides” section of BlackBaord

2- Look at all the videos in this playlist for “People Like Us”. It was a fantastic documentary created and on PBS years ago. Here is the link to the Playlist

3- Take particular note of ‘Tammy’s Story (#4) and Tammy’s update (#11) – the show’s producers went back over a decade later to see what changes occurred in the life of that participant.

4. Respond to the following questions.

– What was your expectation about what opportunities Tammy and her family could have, and what is your opinion given the update?

– In your opinion, what factors affected the opportunities for success for Tammy and her children?

– Are there any social factors that could have intervened to make the situation different for Tammy or her children?

– What part does the American Dream play in the expectations and outcomes for Tammy and her family?

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