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-You must answer the following questions.

– Each answer must be 2 pages or more.

This is an upper level class with upper level and thorough typed ESSAY answer expectations. An ESSAY includes an introduction, body and conclusion. An ESSAY is written with paragraphs.

Questions :

  • On Aug. 1, what was your definition of Diversity? How has that definition changed, if at all? Include census information from the ASU System Factbook, 2016-2017.
  • Define stereotype and give examples in the areas of race, gender and media. Include information from the textbook and a mainstream diversity news story that you have read. Make sure you note where you found the mainstream diversity news story.
  • What is race in America? Include U.S. Census Bureau information and information from the textbook.
  • Does Islam equal terrorism? Why or why not? Cite any significant sources.

* Explanation of attached files

– ( My first Definitions) docx > use it to answer the first question about diversity because it was my first definition.

– ( Diversity Definitions) pptx> this is diversity definition was disscussed in class.

– ( Ex1 + Ex2) docx> these are examples of what you should write. you can use their answers, especially for the parts that mention Textbook BUT FIRST PARAPHRASE THEM VERY WELL AND CAREFULLY. IN PARAPHRASING CASE; CHANGE THE WORDS, USE SYNONYMS AND CHANGE SENTENCE STRUCTURE . MAKE IT LOOKS LIKE NEW SENTENCE BUT KEEP THE MEANING.

* I am a Muslim girl and I wear Hijab, so you must take this into account in your answers.

* Adhere to grammar and sentence structure carefully.


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