1000-1200 word essay to convince an audience to do something

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multimodal argument that aims (1) to educate an audience of non-engaged stakeholders about the topic you have been exploring, (2) to engage this audience by convincing them that they should care about this issue, and (3) to empower the audience to agree to your call to action.

*1000-1200 words mla style paper!!!

**my argument is that fossil fuels harm the environment and we need to do something about that.

*** my audience is ( USF students who do not care about the environment).(USF is university of south florida)

some very important notes:

– the thesis has to include the call of action.

a visual component, which strategically integrates a total of two static images (photograph, diagram, infographic, graph, map, and/or drawing) that support your argument in important ways. Vary the type of static visuals to avoid including two of the same type;

one dynamic media component via a hyperlink of an appropriate word or phrase that intentionally merges a single video of two minutes or less into your multimodal argument in meaningful ways.

– we need 5 sources + the two images and the 1 video, so that is a total of 8 sources in the work cited page.

******* try not to use very advanced words please*******

### the attachments are:

– a step by step Description of the essay. (pleas read it)

– a brief of ideas that i thought of answering the pre writing questions.( it will help you)

– a sample paper just to see how the images and the video are integrated within the essay.( you should talk about them as a source and refer to them during writing)


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