Write an paper on laws influencing compensation

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Assume the role of a human resources (HR)
consultant. Unsure of legal obligations in designing a total compensation plan,
a client has asked you to explain how certain laws and regulations affect total
compensation in their organization. The client’s organization employs 200
people, is a federal contractor, and operates in the biotech industry.

  • Write
    a 350- to 700-word paper providing examples of laws and regulations influencing
    total compensation.

  • Analyze
    similarities and differences in total compensation between this organization
    and other organizations in different markets.

  • Provide
    at least two examples that illustrate such similarities and differences.

    your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Post Attachment in
the Assignments tab on the eCampus
navigation tool bar.  Along with your
assignment, please attach the Certificate
of Originality
located in your course materials forum


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