Write a discussion about prob theory and statistic intro

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Read this in detail: Think of a problem, use your imagination, go around your building, your neighborhood, or check the news and identify a problem (I expect every student to provide a different problem). Use numbers to provide your responses. Use no more than 40 words to answer each point.

Complete this part by using the same number sequence indicated below.

  1. Explain the problem (it must be a real problem that needs a solution).
  2. What is the nature of the samples you would collect? Explain.
  3. What sampling method you would use to analyze that problem and why?
  4. State your Ho and Ha hypotheses, first use words then proper notation (e.g., Ho: µ ≥ 250 mm, Ha: µ < 250 mm, etc.)
  5. Based on your hypothesis, identify and explain a potential Type I error.
  6. Explain where unconscious bias can be a problem in your project.

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