research paper about chinese prose

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Write a 10 pages research paper according to the proposal, if you have a better idea about argument you can revise it. Use the primary sources I provided which is the 5 texts from Zhuang zi. The initial instruction is to Develop and present an argument that provides a reasoned, coherent, and well substantiated answer to this question. Your argument should be based on your own direct analysis of primary sources; but you should also engage with modern scholarship.

interpretation of any aspects of the extant text relevant to your question.

take into account each text’s historical context, including how and why it was produced, and how close our current versions are to the originals.

make use of relevant findings, concepts, or methodological approaches that you consider reliable or illuminating (though these should not be a major basis of your argument)

raise questions about findings you think are problematic or inadequate; suggest possible revisions or new perspectives

For the secondary sources:

at least 4 specialist scholarly secondary source are relating directly to your topic or related theoretical approaches.

1. scholarly: academic books published by specialist scholars/academic journals (in print; on Jstor, Ebsco, Proquest, etc.; e-journals)/have scholarly notes, bibliography, etc/NO WEBSITES

2. specialist: specifically on your topic, based on original research (check whether the author cites primary sources, especially in original languages).

For the citation part:

Use Chicago Notes and Bibliography (NB) style

Use footnotes, not endnotes

Bibliography: separate sections for Primary and Secondary sources

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