Repsons to 2 classmates posts for Sociology Class NO PLAGIARISM

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Fatherhood is a subculture that I am truly apart of. Raising kids as a father may not be as important as it is to a mother but we as fathers play a big role in the process. A father should be committed to his family, kids and of course his significant other. If he is married, his main priority should be his wife and providing for his family, but also, he has a responsibility to help his wife take care of the children. As most fathers, they are the head of the household. He has the authority and should lay down the rules for the children to follow. He should steer them in the right direction. The children will follow his rules and of course listen to their mother. Men who do not have children have the freedom to do whatever it is that they please to do and doesn’t have to be so cautious when making choices and decisions. On the other hand, a father has to be careful with the choices he make and his decisions. Not only does his decisions affect him but it will also affect his children and wife. Growing up as a young father is definitely hard, due to the fact that he has’t completely matured. Also, being a young father, not only does he have to grow up and learn along the way, but he has to raise his children, teach them right from wrong, take care of them, love them, and guide them as they grow. A father in general should receive acknowledgment, along with the mother of course. In in many cases, the father is the one who chooses not to partake in his responsibility as in taking care of the child/children. So for the fathers that are there for their children/child, its wonderful that they see the importance of their position as being the father and aim to raise their children the right way.


Think of a subculture to which you belong. What are the norms, values, and material artifacts that distinguish members of your subculture from those who do not belong to it?

A subculture to which I belong is a ministry at church. I did not ask to be a part of this particular ministry, but was chosen instead by the founding members.

The purpose of the ministry is to come together to plan different events for the ladies and the church. Some of the values that must be exhibited are genuine kindness, loving hearts, wiliness to work and labor for the lay members. The most important value is integrity and credibility. Leaders must lead by example. I have always tried to live a life in public where I would not embarrass my family or most of all, my children.

Distinguishing members of this organization is quite difficult. We like the simple things in life. Most of the work performed by the members is done behind the scenes. I am fond of the cliché’ being heard and not seen. When an event is presented, the leg work has been done and ready for presentation. We are not materialist women and I can only speak for myself when I say, I never want to make any one feel inferior by what I say or do. I know how others feel when that happens because I have felt that way before but I can always share what I found out by treating others fairly.

Sometimes you cannot invite everyone to be a part. I have learned keeping a board small is key. You accomplish so much more with 6 than with 16, especially if everyone is on one accord.

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