Profiting from Murder

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This assignment will assess competencies 1. Examine the motivations, drives, and outcomes of serial killers and 7. Explore the effect of serial killers on society (historical and modern) and criminological policy.


Create a PowerPoint presentation and address the questions below. Your PPT presentation must be at least six slides.

  • Slide 1:Earlier in the term we talked about the “Son of Sam” law. Define this.
  • Slides 2 – 4: Research online for Charles Manson related products. This can range from T-shirts sold at major retailers to personalized art work that he has made. Share photos and descriptions of your findings.
  • Slides 5:Is Manson able to profit off of these items?
  • Slide 6: In your opinion, has Manson achieved celebrity? Why/Why not?

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