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nstructions and [point allocation]:

Find a recent article or articles (published in 2016-2017) dealing with a current event related to organizational behavior. You may use any media source (e.g., newspaper, magazine, etc). [required for assignment credit] Based on your article(s), you will write a paper comprised of three primary sections: A summary of the event/article suggested to be 1 page long [2 points possible] and Application of how the event/article relates to organizational behavior topics suggested 3 pages long. The emphasis of the paper should be on the application component. [5 points possible] Reference page using APA formatting [required for assignment credit] You may be creative with this assignment.

Formatting requirements:

Times New Roman 12-point font [3 point deduction if not followed] One-inch margins [3 point deduction if not followed] Minimum of 4 full double-spaced pages of text (reference page is not included in this page requirement) 3 point deduction if not double-spaced 3 point deduction if not 4 full double-spaced pages of text Any article used must be listed in a reference section on a separate page at the end of the document (does not count toward page requirement) in APA format. There will be no credit given on this assignment if this section is missing.

Remember, the idea is to find acurrent events article (like a news article) and then say how organizational behavior topics apply to that article. This means you are not necessarily looking for an articleabout organizational behavior or a “how to” article. For example, an article like “The top 10 ways to effectively lead employees” is about organizational behavior but is not really a current events (news) article. An article like “How to successfully manage someone older than you” is a “how to” article, and although it probably contains organizational behavior topics, it is not really a current event. Such articles would be more appropriate if the assignment was to research a particular OB topic, but that is not what this assignment is.

I showed you a good sample article in class earlier in the semester, but here is another one.This example is from 2015 (too old for your assignment): “Amazon’s company culture: Innovative or punishing?” ( This particular article was one of many that came out after a fairly controversial Time article that indicated Amazon’s culture was toxic. This article would allow application of OB topics such as: Organizational culture (could particularly address the 7 primary characteristics of organizational culture), values, leadership, motivation, organizational structure, leadership, attitudes, etc. However, you would notwant to address the performance evaluation component of this article as this is more of a human resource management topic – unless you did it in such as way that ties back to OB. If you are still struggling to find a good article, there are plenty of recent ones dealing with different aspects of Amazon that would most likely be appropriate.

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