On the Run,Book Review

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Book review –Write a book review for Alice Goffman, On the Run. This report should summarize the author’s chief arguments and provide your evaluation of the work. You also will deliver a presentation of the book and answer questions.


— Four to five pages double-spaced
— List author, title, publisher and date — Indicate page numbers for all quotes


— What is the book’s purpose? What are the author’s intentions? — What specific claims does the author make?

— How does the author support these claims?

— Does he/she use a particular analytic perspective or methodology? — Is the author’s evidence convincing?

— Does he/she support the arguments effectively? Why or why not? — Are any areas glossed over or omitted?
— Does the author contradict him/herself?

— Do you agree with the author’s conclusions?

Book selected for Review: Alice Goffman, On the Run

Please include a short PPT presentation with the review and include notes for discussion


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