Revise and Complete Bonus Section for Systems Analysis Course

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So basically I need someone who can revise the project that is
attached below. Details: My friend completed this course last year and received
a 100% on her project so she sent it to me. I need each section revised so that
it’s not knocked at plagiarism. You’ll basically be changing the wording around
so that it won’t show a high percentage of copied content when put through
turnitin. I have attached the entire project below in each section. I have also attached the original
instructions so that you know what the project is about as well as the case

will actually complete the Step 4 and the BONUS section 5 once you’re done revising steps
1-3. I have the Step 4 complete from my friend but Studypool won’t allow allow me to upload an ACCESS document so it has to be redone based on the project. This BONUS section should flow with the revised document and project. You
will find the BONUS 5 instructions on the attached instructions below. Please
reach out if you have further questions about what is needed of you. THANKS!

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