read the article and answer these questions

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EACH QUESTION IS PROVIDED AS A SEPARATE QUESTION IN THE EXAM. plz don’t miss any questions. and plz read the article carefully


Identify the firm’s apparent current mission. Then briefly review the firm’s current objectives and



How would you describe the firm’s current financial condition? (Use financial ratios and other pertinent

income and balance sheet data to support your analysis).


Outline and discuss the firm’s external opportunities and threats, using any analytical model(s) you

believe are relevant.


Outline and discuss the firm’s internal strengths and weaknesses using any analytical model(s) you

believe are relevant.


Based on your analysesy

a. Revise the firm’s mission and objectives if necessary.

b. Develop and discuss corporate and business strategies that you recommend to achieve the firm’s

mission and objectives.


Outline and discuss the specific actions needed for implementation of your chosen strategies. This

should include the following:

a. Specific strategies and long-term objectives in such areas as marketing, human resources, finance,

operations and information systems as appropriate.

b. Specify the financial results expected.

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