Psychological Theory and Applications in the Workplace, homework help

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Module Title: Psychological Theory and Applications in the Workplace

Module Code: G107456

Title: Using Psychological theory and research, discuss the importance of Cognitive

Psychology and The Psychology of Individual Differences to ensuring reliable and valid

methods of recruitment and selection are used within the workplace.

Limits: 2000 words (absolute max of 2500 words)

Assessment Point No: 1 (out of 2 for the whole module); 50% of final module mark

ONLINE SUBMISSION Date and Time: See your cohort’s schedule.

For information on late submission penalties, please refer to your Course Handbook.


Learning outcomes assessed:

1. Define and discuss key terms, concepts and models of psychology applied to

working environments.

2. Critically evaluate a range of theoretical frameworks that inform the application of

psychology in the workplace.

3. Critically evaluate the process of psychological assessment.

5. Use appropriate psychological empirical evidence to make practical and reasoned


6. Demonstrate an ability to use psychological knowledge and research evidence to

solve problems related to working environments.

7. Present advanced level, reasoned, critical and evidence-based arguments in a

written form

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