Mold Exposure Regulation

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Mold is everywhere, literally. It is in office and home environments and it is in the news. Mold was covered extensively in your readings.

For this discussion, you are asked to address three issues:

  1. Should OSHA regulate exposure to mold? Why or why not? If you say OSHA should regulate mold, be specific as to the things OSHA should regulate and what specific actions the regulation would require.
  2. Express why it is important to be knowledgeable about contemporary occupational health and safety issues such as mold in the workplace.
  3. Express why it is important to continue (through lifelong learning) to be knowledgeable about contemporary issues such as mold throughout your profession beyond graduation.

Supplement your response with information obtained from at least one scholarly source published within the last three years. Provide a reference for that source in APA format, and provide appropriate citations where appropriate.

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