discussion and two replies

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Chose one of the case studies below and write your responses in the discussion topic.

Remember, opinion is good, but you need to back it up with scholarly research.

  1. Case One: 80-Year-Old Woman Whose Son Dies From a Heart Attack
  2. Case One: Cheating on a History Test
  3. Case Two: Promise to a Dying Friend
  4. Case Two: Stealing Food

In two paragraphs or more, create your post by answering the questions in a scholarly manner using the textbook and/or outside resources. If using outside sources, it is important that your sources are credible. Acceptable sources come from the following: the library, .org, .mil, .gov, .edu. Wikipedia, or any other “open” sources, are not to be used within collegiate writing. Within your posting, include any in-paragraph citations, and reference the text at the end.

After your initial posting, respond in a scholarly manner to two of your classmates’ posts.

Demonstrate more depth of thought than simply stating “I agree” or “You are wrong.” Your responses to your classmates should be well-thought-out, scholarly, informative, and delivered in a non-threatening matter. Opinions are welcome, but remember to always back up your opinions with scholarly research.

Reply 1: Daniel Eamer

There are circumstances I can see for stealing food. Like the mother who couldn’t work and stole food for her children. While not always portrayed in the light of being moral it is a necessity to feed your children. Even if it is wrong sometimes stealing can be for the greater good. Sometimes in society people have to do things that are not morally in line with others or even themselves but will generally do it especially for their kids. Stealing food is something that is debatable about whether its a crime if it is morally obligated to feed your kids. Personally if something happened to me and I couldn’t work and my wife wasn’t making enough to make ends meet then I’d be more apt to steal food to feed my family and ensure they’d have something to eat.

Reply 2: Adriane Alexander

Hello Class,

I chose the 80-years old woman whose son dies of a heart attack. This case is a difficult case because of Jesusita is an old lady with a bad heart who is living in a convalescent hospital. I feel that it is hard to keep lying to her about her son visits her regularly keep telling her that her son is on a business trip. Jesusita is aware that something is wrong with her son. Her family members keep telling her that her son is on a business trip. In this situation, I believe that the family should come clean and tell her about her son. By keeping telling her lies she will not have any trust in her family for keeping the truth from her.

Lying is a violation of the “Principle of Justice”(Thiroux,p158), this gives people the power one person can have over another. I feel that her family is having the power over the nurses who care for this old lady which is making their job harder to deal with her due to her frustration of not knowing what is going on with her son. It’s unfair to not tell her the truth even though she has a bad heart herself. If the family continues to lie to Jesusita, it would cause more damage than good. The family has a moral obligation to allow her to know what is wrong. This family is causing distrust, disappointment and maybe resentment with Jesusita by keeping this secret from her. Lying can ruin the relationship between her and her family members. I believe if the family members work with the nurses and doctors, who can better tell her about her son’s death, it would be much easier for Jesusita to have some peace with dealing with the loss.

Jacques P. Thiroux & Keith W. Krasemann, Ethics Theory And Practice, Eleventh Edition, Pearson, 2017


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