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answer this please

Research and provide an example of the conflict between a country’s government with the international responding community.


response to each one


It is not always given that collaboration between government and international community will be successful. At times the two entities might operate at cross purposes leading to conflicts. The world is littered with examples of conflicts arising between government and international actors sometimes the conflicts being so bad that the international actors have to vacate the country. This is usually the case in war torn countries or in dictatorial regimes where the government want to take credit. A good case in point here is South Sudan where international workers keen on helping war victims are constantly harassed by authorities. As discussed in previous weeks, humanitarian aid is always conditional and as such, conflicts between a government and international response community may arise when they differ on humanitarian aid conditions (International responses to ISIS (and why they are failing), n.d.).

The humanitarian crisis in Syrian and Iraq can pass for a good case in point where governments and international response community end up in conflict instead of finding a solution to a disaster. In the Syrian problem, while the international response community would prefer a peace settlement a ceasing of hostilities so that they can be able to distribute relief food, the government appears to be fanning violence. The government is using military approach in dealing with this problem. It carries frequent air strikes ostensibly against the ISIS. However, the unarmed and innocent civilians fall victims to the military action. As if that is not enough the government does not give security to workers of international players a move that puts them in direct conflict (International response to Syria failing on every front, n.d.).

In the Syrian disaster there is a wide held believe that humanitarian agencies could be playing politics in the name of offering assistance. It appears that the government is insecure and does not trust them. Any activity being carried out by international community response become an avenue for conflict. There is a feeling that the assertion by United States that it was helping reduce the disaster is not genuine after all. What if they a pursuing a regime change. Conflict between the government and the international community response increase when the government no longer trusts the international response community. It is therefore important that when international humanitarian actors go a country especially those in civil war remain neutral (Amnesty International, n.d.).


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Kobe earthquake of 1995 was large-scale earthquake in the Ōsaka-Kobe (Hanshin) metropolitan area of western Japan that was among the strongest, deadliest, and costliest to ever strike that country. In the aftermath of the Earthquake, Japan denied entry to relief teams and organizations. Japan also refused foreign medicine and other aid for earthquake victims despite shortages and a flu that was spreading through refugee centers. Foreign doctors and other relief teams who flew to Kobe encountered difficulties as they were stopped by the Government and denied entry. Japanese’ government and health officials were of the view that the relief teams could only treat the victims after becoming licensed in Japan. One American relief organization offered to fly as many as one million doses of flu vaccine to Kobe within 48 hours, free of charge (Robert Heath, 1995). The Government also declined to these offer saying that the Japanese-made vaccines would be sufficient, even though by its own calculation it would not have enough vaccine ready for nearly two more weeks.

Japan Government played a diplomatic game by denying offers of foreign doctors to treat the injured, foreign dogs to sniff out those buried alive, foreign medicines to heal the sick, and foreign undertakers to prepare the dead. One very interesting thing about this whole incident is the Japanese government also denied the help of Motorola in the aftermath of Earthquake. Motorola offered 150 cellular telephones to Kobe after the earthquake, when regular telephone service was disrupted (Kristof, 1995). Motorola offered to lend the telephones free of charge and pay for all the calls, but the Kobe government authorities replied that the phones could not be given out unless they had Kobe City stickers on each of them.


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