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Write a 1,050- to
1,400-word paper in which you research a publicly traded corporation that has
exhibited global business strategies.

Summarize and include the
organization’s financial statements.

Analyze the corporation’s
most recent financial statements and answer the following:

·How are the corporation’s debt
securities reported on the financial statements?

·How are the corporation’s stock
investments reported on the financial statements?

·Why would the corporation invest in
stocks and debt securities?

·What are the corporation’s relative
risks and rewards of equity versus debt securities?

·What is the difference between
equity and debt securities? 

Use the organization’s
financial statements to determine its financial health. Include the financial
statements you are using as an insert in the paper or as part of the

Identify examples from
the organization’s financial statements to justify the team’s

Format your paper
consistent with APA guidelines. Please include a running header, paginations,
and reference page.

Please include all references and I would like the paper by Thursday. I also would like the name of the cooperation you will research so I may give it to my instructor.

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