​Write an account on (Plato, Republic, Book IV​ )

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Write an account on (Plato, Republic, Book IV ) at minimum 750 words in length and should contain each of the following elements:

Reading materials: Plato. Republic. 3rd ed. Trans. C. D.
C. Reeve. Indianapolis: Hackett, 2004. Print. ISBN: 0872207366.

Note: If you have “Amazon Prime” membership, you can read the book for free on your kindle App, If not, I may send you main.

(1) a descriptive summary of the assigned selection of the text (250 words) (what are the basic claims made by the author in the selection? what reasons are offered by the author for those claims?);

(2) a discussion of how the arguments of the selection are situated within the more general argumentative project of the text (250 words) (what goals does the author seek to accomplish in writing the text, and how do the contents of the selection contribute to the achievement of those goals?);

(3) an explanation of how the selection seeks to illumine the human condition (250 words) (in what ways does the selection attempt to speak to broader issues related to one or more of the following: the nature of humanity, human social relations, and the relation of humans to the world?); and

(4) a set of 3-5 discussion questions based on the selection to be asked of your classmates after the preceding elements have been addressed (what questions occurred to you when reading the selection? what questions do you believe to be raised by the claims articulated in the selection?).


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