Police Crime Control Strategies

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A minimum of 1,000 words(total assignment) and threescholarly sources. The references does not count towards the word count!!

If you ONLY do the minimum word count, then it is considered “average” work, which is a “C”; therefore, it is best to make sure you cover the topics well and not just do enough to meet the minimum number of words.

1.The RAND Criminal Investigation Study characterized detectives as glorified clerks for the district attorney rather than super-sleuths in the image of Sherlock Holmes. What is the basis for the RAND assertion? Why is the characterization unfair?

2. What is the “right” answer to the question, “How many police officers does a jurisdiction need?”

3.Modern police communication centers include a GPS-generated display of the location of every patrol unit. However, agencies have found such displays to be limited use. Why is this the case? Likewise, in what situations is GPS display very important?

4. Describe several measurement errors that frequently occur in crime strategy meetings?


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